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About Us

The background of the brand starts from being the Premium and Leading Consultant in Ice Cream and Packed Food items industry for more than 25 years. Our key Consultants and Partner are involved  in achieving the finesse by continuous R&D and improving the process of making our ice creams. After successful association with several named brands in India and other countries( China, Mexico, Croatia, Yemen, Kenya, Bangladesh ,Sri-Lanka, etc.) we decided to put together all the handpicked and top-quality products under our own brand name: Frozen Natural Icecream.

We make our Ice creams with 100 % real fruits/extracts and only use high quality ingredients (sugar, Milk, etc.).

The richness of taste in not only because of our refined processes but also due to our handpicked and high-quality ingredients.

Natural flavored Ice-Creams has always been the talk of the town since its launch but due to inconsistent supply and inconsistent quality people do have to compromise many times. 

With the launch of our brand: "Frozen Natural Icecream" and "Frozen Naturals Ready-to-Eat Food", we intent to reach even the remotest of the locations and still not compromising on taste, due to our effective and streamlined processes.

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